Forever Safe – A Novel


Wow! What a book! I read it into the wee hours of the morning because I just couldn’t put it down! And although it is the fourth book in the Beacons of Hope series, it is a stand-alone book with just a little reference to the previous ones.

Race Point, Massachusetts, 1876

Will she ever be able to stop running, even when she believes she’s finally safe?

Heiress to a vast fortune, Victoria Cole has everything she wants, including the perfect fiancé. Having left two other men at the altar, Victoria is sure that now she’s found her true love and will finally live happily ever after. As her wedding draws near, however, Victoria’s life is threatened. To keep her safe, Victoria’s father hires a bodyguard. Tom Cushman’s number one priority is protecting his clients, which means no personal entanglements. But he’s never guarded someone as beautiful and winsome as Victoria. After a near-kidnapping, the wedding is cancelled, and Tom hides Victoria at Cape Cod’s Race Point Lighthouse until her attacker can be found. Appointed as assistant light keeper with Victoria posing as his wife, Tom believes the isolation of the lighthouse will keep her safe. As Victoria struggles to live without familiar luxuries, her heart betrays her with growing feelings for her protector. Determined to help Tom stop fleeing from his haunted past, can the runaway bride learn to face her own fears? With the attacker closing in, will both of them ever be able to stop running and find the safety they long for?

I really fell in love with Tom’s parents – James and Zelma Cushman as they remind me of my own parents. Not only do they have a thriving, healthy marriage, they also give great marital advice to Victoria and Tom, such as, “It’s taken years and lots of hard work to develop that kind of unity.” And “Every good husband eats the food his wife puts in front of him gratefully and without complaint. And a good husband always finds something positive to say to his wife, even when there doesn’t seem to be anything.”

What a wonderful love story as Victoria and Tom face their fears and seek God. I highly recommend this book. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.