Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine


In Money-Making Mom, business owner, well-known blogger, speaker, and author Crystal Paine sets out to spark your creativity, stir your heart, and inject fresh financial vision into your life.

Exploring the power and pitfalls of money through personal lessons- learned and compelling stories from others, Paine will encourage and challenge you to:

  • Expand your thinking to consider multiple money-making ideas
  • Dream big and set long-term financial goals
  • Forge an intentional path with clear priorities
  • Nurture your unique skills, talents, passions, and knowledge
  • Conquer the saboteurs of insecurity, fear, lack of time, and naysayers
  • Shift your perspective to live more generously for others

…and much more.

Whether your goal is to help support your family, pay down debt, or build a bigger cushion to help those who may be without, Money-Making Mom is filled with inspiration and ideas to guide the next steps along your journey.


“How every woman can earn more and make a difference.” What a terrific book for any woman desiring to make more money – whether to support herself or to supplement the incoming already coming in. And actually, the title is a little misleading – it really is for any woman and not just for moms!


I found this book to be very encouraging to get out there and do something. Yet I also loved how Crystal does not say to try to make money just to be rich and have more but to have a purpose for this income – whether to give more or to provide the necessities or even the “extras.” “While I don’t believe that every woman needs to have a business or even make money in any capacity, I believe there are a number of reasons savvy home economists should consider looking for ways to increase their families’ incomes…Perhaps you are single or a single mom and are looking to establish more financial security. Or you might be looking for a way to increase your household income to give you some breathing room to be able to enjoy a few vacations or fun family outings each year. Maybe you are a mom whose kids are grown and gone and you are looking for a way to use your skills to make a difference or have more money to give generously.”


I felt the entire time I was reading this book that Crystal had just sat down in my family room and was giving me tips and motivation to succeed. She told me of her failures and successes as well as the stories of others – and she was so open and candid! “Setbacks can discourage and dishearten us if we focus on how far we are from where we’d hoped to be.” Crystal shares that she has written “this book to teach women how to increase their incomes and use it to make an impact, while at the same time maintaining a healthy balance of priorities…to empower you with practical ideas for starting a business or finding a creative way to make a part- or full-time income.” The reality she says is “Money doesn’t buy happiness. Money doesn’t equal fulfillment. Money doesn’t solve your emotional problems. Money doesn’t give you purpose.” But, if “Properly stewarded, money can be an amazing tool and a resource for those who need it not only to survive but to live with purpose.”


I really enjoyed this book and have put it where I can refer back to it again and again! I felt so encouraged as I read it so I just want to tell other moms to read it too. (And I really love some of the graphics for the book – beautiful pictures with great quotes from the book – they are better than some of those motivational posters I have seen!) I highly recommend it! I received Money Making Mom from the author in return for my honest opinion.