Hurt Road by Mark Lee of Third Day

Hurt Road

Third Day guitarist Mark Lee is no stranger to heartache and hopes deferred; the road to success is never traveled without missteps along the way. Life is messy and uncertain and full of surprises. And one of the best things he’s ever done is let go of his expectations about how life shouldbe in order to embrace life as it is: a moment-by-moment walk with God.

Hurt Road is the engaging true story of a man who, as a teen, found in music a refuge from the uncertainties of life. Who set out to discover a better way to live than constantly struggling to make sure life turned out the way he planned it. Who stopped substituting what’s next for what’s now and learned the truth–that coming or going, God’s got us.

Poignant, funny, and thoughtful, Hurt Road dares anyone feeling knocked down or run over by their circumstances to give up control to the One who already has the road all mapped out. Includes black and white photos.

I find myself drawn to the music of Third Day so it was so interesting to read Mark’s book – about his childhood and its hurts, the loss of his father, how the band began and more.  But what I wasn’t expecting was his very candid thoughts about marriage and the wisdom he has!  Honestly, the chapter on marriage should be a chapter every engaged couple reads!

Hurt Road is not just Mark Lee’s story – it’s also his words to encourage others – to respond to God and reach those around you, wherever you might be.  “God has given us all a platform, and … it’s all for God’s glory, not ours.”  I really enjoyed reading Mark’s story and highly recommend it!  I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I am freely writing a review – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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