Losing Weight

I’ve been debating whether to talk about this on my blog or not for a few days and finally decided I should just go for it!

As a kid I always thought I was fat – my brother told me I was. While I was in college my foot started hurting and my grandfather told me that if I lost 10 lbs it wouldn’t hurt (yes, it would because it had a stress fracture that was left untreated and then shattered – to this day it has not healed). I thought I was fat. But, looking back many years later, this does not look fat!Thailand

But now, as my kids are that age, I have gained a lot of weight. And, much as I really hate to say it, I am fat! I want to eat way more than this middle-aged body can burn off! But it is not healthy for me to be at this weight – feet problems, diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are just a few of the potential difficulties I’ll have as long as I don’t lose weight, not to mention needing new, bigger clothes.  Yet, I have no will power and eat just a few (many) chips, some really good chocolate, a yummy donut, a free sample of anything, or ______ (you fill in the blank)! And at the end of the day I’m disappointed in myself, again.

So why am I sharing all this? Recently I heard about a company called Healthy Wage. I was fascinated by their claim – This challenge lets you make a personal weight loss bet. You can experiment with different bets and prizes – just plug in your goal, time frame and the amount of cash you’re willing to put on the line. I could decide how many pounds I want to lose, how long it would take me to lose it and gasp – how much money I was willing to bet I could do it.

If you know me, you know that I love free and I HATE losing money! With a passion! If I bet this money I would not want to lose it for anything! (The bonus is that if I lose the weight in the time I set, I get money from them.)  I did a quick check on-line of the company and it appears to be legit – no red flags there. I talked to a couple of people who told me that this is really my language – I am way too cheap to let someone I don’t even know have my money (yes, my daughter offered to have me give her money if I couldn’t lose weight but I give her money all the time so what’s the incentive there?).  Even my Dad said it sounded like something that would hold me accountable.

On March 5 I bravely stepped on the scale while my daughter videotaped me, the scale and a newspaper (to verify the date) so I could begin the challenge.  Yes, I am betting real money that I can lose 30lbs in 9 months.  I can reweigh between Nov 21 and Dec 5 but I lose my money if I am not down 30lbs (or more) by then!

Every time I want to eat something now, I think, is this worth that money?? No, I’m not starving myself. I have read enough about diets and know enough to know that yes, I need some fat and protein and carbs in my diet. I need fiber and calcium. Avocados are good and so are nuts and seeds – all in moderation. But is that cakepop worth losing my money? Is that piece of bread so fabulous that I’m out my money? Will that pie make me happy in December when I don’t get the prize?  Do I really need that sugary sweet that will just make me want more?

At 20 days into this – remember I have 8 months before I can do my weighout – I have lost 11 lbs. I am motivated and I even want to exercise – a little – to help the progress along! I’m even sharing this now so others will know about my goal, which is hard because what if I fail?

Obviously this isn’t for everyone – if losing money or gaining money doesn’t motivate you it’s not for you. But, if this intrigues you, like it did me, check it out! I would love to have others join me in this challenge – to have someone who gets it when I say I want to eat so bad!!! Here’s the link and I think if you join with this link you get an extra prize as do I.


So, check back with me in a few months and see how I am doing!

(Here’s a photo taken just 4 days into the challenge – taken at Magic Kingdom with Rapunzel)



4 thoughts on “Losing Weight

  1. Good luck to you! I wish you all the best to make your goal! Please show your progress every now and then – it could encourage some of us who would like to lose, but haven’t really tried hard (like me). With meds that can add to one’s weight, I’m not quite sure how much for me is excuse and how much is reality. 30# seem to think they have found a home with me…You, however, are off to a good start!! Yay; keep it up!

  2. Have you heard of Trim Healthy Mama? A lot of people seem to like their plan and it might be something else to help you lose that weight. I know you can make your goal!

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