Chick-Fil-A! How I love eating there – but no, not every day! And there are ways of making it a little cheaper!

1.) Buy the Cow calendar. Every year CFA (Chick-Fil-A) sells cute calendars in November and December that come with a freebie each month of the following year. This month the freebie is a one of their yummy salads. You can buy more than 1 calendar but you need a different e-mail address for each one. Each calendar is $6 but well worth it.

2.) Facebook and Texting. Find out if the CFA near you has a Facebook account or if they do text messaging. The CFA at Fair Oaks mall sends a text every Tuesday morning offering something free. All you have to do is text CFAFOM to 411247. Several CFA’s are offering free meals to military and their dependents on May 21 – they’ve put it on Facebook!

3.) Cow Appreciation Day! Each year on the 2nd Friday in July CFA has Cow Appreciation Day. If you go into a CFA dressed like a cow (think white t-shirt with black cow patches, black shorts and a tail) you get a meal of your choice. Yes, I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at different CFA’s that day with friends and family. And, last but not least, my favorite…
4.) First 100! What an awesome marketing plan! 52 free meals! When a store opens they have what they call the first 100 – the first 100 people to go into the store. The day before it opens at 6am they have a raffle for all the people over the age of 18 gathered there (can be as few as a 100 or as many as 450). If picked, those people must stay in the parking lot for the next 24 hours – after they go back to their cars and get their tents, sleeping bags, chairs, recliners, awnings and anything else they can’t live without for 24 hours. (And you’d better have raingear because I can’t tell you how many times it has rained on us and you have to stay outside!) Then for the next 24 hours CFA feeds them breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. They also provide games (with prizes) and a DJ for entertainment. The next morning they give you a CFA t-shirt and have you walk through the restaurant and you are given a card good for 52 number 1 meals at CFA.

We check the CFA website frequently to find out when there are openings and only travel to those that are within a 2 hour radius. And we have met people who have been to 30, 50 and over 90 openings. So we haven’t been to many – but always have fun when we go. The next one in the greater DC area is going to be in Baltimore on May 28. Feel free to join us!



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